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Tag Leash- Dog Rope Leash

The "Tag Leash" (named after a short tag-line used in mountaineering) is a super durable all-round rope leash for hitting the trails or tethering Fido to a post at the brewpub. We've all been there; you're in an area where you need control over your dog, but in order to tether it to a post you have to take the dog off the leash while you thread the dogs end through the leash handle in order to secure them to a post. Problem solved! We include a wired gate carabiner on the leash handle. Simply wrap the handle end of the leash around the post and clip the carabiner to the rope.
  • Super durable rope and sheath
  • Locking carabiner that attaches to the dog, to keep them from breaking free
  • Super comfy and plush handle
  • Wired gate carabiner to assist in tethering the dog, or clip to your waste belt for a hands- free experience
  • Six feet in length

Remi Runner Leash

  • Designed by backcountry dog enthusiasts
  • The best leash for keeping your dog tethered while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.
  • Hands Free bungee leash with waist belt
  • Dual bungees prevent sudden jerks that might pull you down while hiking, trail running or skiing.
  • Comes with a 28” webbing runner and carabiner that extends the length of the leash.
  • Reflective thread for night-time visibility
  • Two handles for extra control over your dog.
  • Dimensions and additional information under “Technical Spec’s”

Feather-Weight 12" Shoulder Padding

One item is one set of two 12" shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are attachable to any Airlift size - medium, large and extra-large – and are a personal preference of some Fido Pro customers to make it a little more comfortable to carry their dog
  • *Please note: the Airlift XL-2 package includes two shoulder pads

Panza Harness Accessories

Accessory to the Panza Harness or available to be purchased alone!

The Fido Pro, Saddle-Dry-Bags can be used as an accessory to the Panza Harness or can be used without the Panza Harness as a great way of keeping your dogs' food and gear dry. Whether you are going on a day-hike or a multiday backpacking trip, the Fido Pro, Saddle-Dry-Bags are the most functional and safe way for your dog to carry their own food and gear. The key feature is in the name "dry bag". One of the worst things that can happen when you are adventuring with your pup is to have their kibble ruined because it got wet.

The Saddle-Dry-Bag is...
  • Compatible with the Panza Harness, turning the Panza Harness into a multi-use harness. With the addition of the dry-bags it becomes a backpack, it also has a built-in rescue sling, as well as it being the best dog harness on the market.
  • Don't own a Panza Harness, no problem! You can purchase the Fido Pro Saddle-Dry-Bags individually or as a set.
  • Made from heavy duty rip-stop nylon, with a coating of PVC, making them waterproof.

Taco Bowl

Single dog bowl that folds into a taco shape. Super light weight and packable. It fits very will into the upper pocket of our Panza Harness, even small enough to fit into your back pocket. Keep your favorite trail buddy hydrated and fed while out and about.
  • Holds 32 Fluid oz (one liter)
  • Made from super tough cordura fabric
  • Water proof, won't leek
  • The "taco bowl" after all, everyone including Fido loves tacos
  • Zipper to close the bowl after use

The Double Bubble Dog Bowl

Keep the kibble and the water in their proper place with the Double Bubble Dog Bowl. Compact, light weight and unfolds into two large bowls. Great for backpacking, camping, or just to have in the car for road tripping with Fido.
  • Made from super durable cordura fabric
  • Water proof to prevent leaking
  • Zips together for a super thin light weight set of bowls
  • Each side holds 32 fluid oz
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Dog Seat Belt

Keep both you and Fido safe when traveling in your vehicle. Keep your dog safe and secure and prevent them from becoming a projectile, potentially injuring (or worse) both them and you. Whether fighting heavy city traffic or 4-wheeling keep your dog clipped in with the rest of the family.
  • Adjustable length form 25" to 37"
  • Locking carabiner on a swivel for safety and comfort
  • We use heavy duty webbing
  • Loop handle on one end that converts the seat belt into a leash for getting in and out of the vehicle.
  • Works with any standard seat belt female end
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LED Dog Collar

Keep your dog safe at night! Make them visible if off leash or visible to drivers when walking at night.
  • USB rechargeable with three modes, rapid flash, slow flash or solid light.
  • Depending on light setting gets up to 12 hours of light per charge
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • Fits almost any dog
  • Measure dogs neck
  • Unplug one end of the plastic tube from the LED housing
  • Cut to size using pliers with wire cutters, small saw or serrated blade
  • Plug end back into LED housing
Color: Red
Size: one size fits all from 7 inches to 27 inches

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