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The Airlift Rescue Sling

Our original rescue sling weighs just 8-9.5 ounces and folds up neatly into a small stuff sack. Fits medium to extra-large dogs. Simple to use, easy to pack and designed to live in your backpack with your emergency kit.


The Panza Harness

With the multi-purpose Panza Harness, you get the best dog harness for everyday activities AND a rescue sling to be used in an emergency. Because the rescue sling is built into the Panza Harness and carried by the dog, it's perfect for trail runners, mountain bikers, backcountry skiers, or hikers with no backpack or minimal space in their backpack.


The Remi Runner Leash

This is a top-quality leash with two bungees and two handles for safe, stable movement over challenging terrain. It also comes with a 28-inch webbing runner and carabiner, so you can customize the length to move over steep or difficult ground. Works just as well for a walk in the park!


Think it can't happen to you? It did to me. And it was horrible.

We were miles from the trailhead when the worst thing happened. My beloved 65-pound German short-haired pointer, Remi, suffered a severe gash on her front leg. There was no way she would be able to walk.

I created the Airlift so no pet lover would ever feel as helpless as I did in that moment.

What Customers & Veterinarians Are Saying...

As a veterinarian, I am delighted to see such a well designed, useful sling for carrying a dog. Thank you so much for your time and passion and I am sure it will save a lot of dogs.

Having the confidence to safely and effectively immobilize your dog and extract them from a remote location to seek medical attention is invaluable. The care and attention to canine anatomy is evident in the Airlift’s design, and the convenience is obvious in the weight of the product.

My dog was injured, we were only about one mile from the car but it was late evening and there was a storm moving in. So glad I had my Fido Pro Airlift!