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Are you prepared if your dog is sick or injured on the trail?

Dog injury or illness while hiking, skiing or snowshoeing is actually pretty common…

Paw abrasion from rocky ground, being impaled by a stick, wild animal encounter, fight with another dog, snake bite, upset stomach… anything can happen. 

And, your dog may not be able to make it back to the car on their own. (We know because this happened to us!)  

Until now, there wasn’t a safe way to carry your dog in an emergency situation.

The Airlift by Fido Pro – a safe, packable dog harness

We created the Airlift so that no dog lover would have to go through what we did – being unprepared when our furry best friend, Remi, was injured miles from the trailhead.

The Airlift emergency dog harness comes in several sizes to fit dogs between 20 - 150 lbs. The harness packs into a lightweight stuff sack designed to live at the bottom of your hiking backpack (or your dog’s!). 

Whether you’re a mile from the trailhead or more, hiking with the Airlift gives you peace of mind knowing you can safely carry your dog in an emergency situation.


Vet Approved

The Airlift design is recognized by veterinarians as a safe and effective way to carry dogs from 20 - 150 lbs. in emergency situations.

Used by Search & Rescue

Because the Airlift is 8 oz., packs into a small stuff sack and is easy to use, it's recommended and used by the National Association For Search And Rescue.

Peace of Mind

Hiking with the Airlift gives you peace of mind knowing you can safely carry your dog in an emergency situation.

What Customers & Veterinarians Are Saying...

As a veterinarian, I am delighted to see such a well designed, useful sling for carrying a dog. Thank you so much for your time and passion and I am sure it will save a lot of dogs.

Having the confidence to safely and effectively immobilize your dog and extract them from a remote location to seek medical attention is invaluable. The care and attention to canine anatomy is evident in the Airlift’s design, and the convenience is obvious in the weight of the product.

My dog was injured, we were only about one mile from the car but it was late evening and there was a storm moving in. So glad I had my Fido Pro Airlift!