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Panza Harness V2 with Deployable Emergency Dog Rescue Sling

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Panza Harness V2 is a Multi-Use Extremely Versatile piece of dog gear. 

The Panza Harness V2 is an improvement over our original as we added double-back climbing buckles to provide a safer carry over technical terrain, up and down ladder systems or through slot-canyons.

Just like the original the V2 is a multi-use piece of gear; best in class trail harness, doggy-day-pack with storage pockets, a built-in deployable rescue sling and optional saddle dry-bags turn it into a multi-day backpack-all that in a single piece of gear! The Panza Harness holds a U.S. Utility Patent and is the ONLY dog harness that also converts into a rescue sling, ensuring you can safely carry your dog if they become injured or sick during an outdoor adventure. 

Why you need the Panza harness: Dog injury or illness on the trail is more common than you might realize. Anything can happen — paw abrasion, sudden fall, puncture wound from a tree branch, wild animal encounter, snake bite or overheating. The Panza harness gives you the ability to self-rescue your canine companion with complete confidence to tackle even the most rugged adventures. Enjoy the convenience of always knowing that your dogs' essentials are stowed in the Panza storage pockets just grab and go. Move through technical terrain with the security of our double-back climbing buckles. 

The Panza harness is...

  • Perfect for trail runners, cyclists, hikers, or skiers with minimal backpack space to carry dog gear
  • Complete with storage pockets so your pup can carry their own bowl, first aid kit, and snacks and always know that their kit is ready to go. 
  • Built with chest and belly brush guards to protect your dog from cuts and scrapes
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty lifting handle to easily get your dog over obstacles or out of trouble
  • Easy to use and recommended by veterinarians and Search & Rescue
  • Designed to fit most dogs 30-150 lbs
  • Rigorously tested in the toughest conditions
  • Includes custom shoulder pads
  • Metal triangle anchor points (for attaching front shoulder strap or leash)
  • Two velcro patch attachment points (one Fido Pro patch included)
  • Load tested double-back climbing harness buckles for maximum security, easy adjustment, and safety when carrying the dog up ladders or scrambling across steep terrain.
  • Durable pocket and belly-brush-guard containing the rescue sling and custom shoulder pads
  • Pouch in the padded chest guard, perfect for a cooling pad or ice pack!

    Panza Harness V2 and double-back buckles pull tested to 2,000 lbs. 

    (U.S. Patent 11,825,811)

    New Upgrades and Features!

    Approximate weight range: 30 lbs. to 120 lbs.

    Neck Girth: 10 inches to 20 inches

    Length between front and rear leg: 10 inches to 22 inches. This measurement is needed to ensure your dog will fit in the deployable rescue sling.

    If your dog is closer to 120 lbs., make sure to measure neck girth and length between the front and rear leg to ensure the Panza will fit.

    Watch this video to learn how to put our Panza Harness on your dog and deploy the emergency rescue sling.

    Fido Pro Panza Harness - How to Use It

    Download the Panza Harness Rescue Sling Instructions

    Sling Instructions


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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Will the Panza harness fit my dog?

    The Panza harness fits most medium to large size dogs that are 30 lbs. to 95 lbs. Here are a couple more measurements to make sure the Panza harness will fit:

    • Neck Girth: 10 inches to 20 inches

    • Length between front and rear leg: 10 inches to 22 inches. This measurement is needed to ensure your dog will fit in the deployable rescue sling.

    Is the deployable rescue sling easy to use?

    Yes! The simple step-by-step instructions are printed directly on the deployable sling for easy access in an emergency.

    But, we always recommend practicing a couple of times in non-emergency situations so you’re prepared... just in case!

    Will you be making one for extra-large dogs?

    Depending on demand we anticipate we will.

    Does it come in different colors?

    Yes, red and black and we plan on adding a camo or cayote color soon.

    Where is it made?

    We manufacture the Panza Harness in the Colorado USA using imported parts and materials.

    Care Instructions
    • Made in the U.S.A. using imported parts and materials.

    • Hand wash in cool water using mild soap, hang dry.

    • Store away from direct sunlight.

    Is the deployable rescue-sling comfortable for the dog?

    The dog rides comfortably but we suggest you stop from time to time to check on them.

    Is it comfortable for the person?

    We try to make the rescue-sling as comfortable as we can. Keeping in mind it needs to be very lightweight in order to be stowed. We test the deployable rescue sling carrying dogs for hours at a time. You might need occasional breaks to rest and to relive pressure on your shoulders.

    Will I be able to lift my dog?

    That is an answer only you can answer. As people’s level of fitness and strength vary greatly.

    Is it available in Europe or Australia?

    At this time it is not but will be by May of 2021.

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