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Size Guidelines

Consider the current weight and length of the dog to choose the right size Airlift. 

To measure length, measure from halfway down the front leg straight back to the same spot on the rear leg. (see the video below on how to measure)

The measurements listed below are the ranges that will fit each Airlift size.

Medium Size: 20 - 45 lbs., 9 - 14 inches from back leg to front leg
Large/Original Size: 45 - 70 lbs., 13 - 18 inches from back leg to front leg
XL Size: 70 - 150 lbs., 17 - 24  inches from back leg to front leg (consider the Airlift XL-2 package, which includes additional accessories)

If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend buying the larger size. This is not a custom-fit harness, and it's safe and functional if the Airlift is a little loose on the dog. But, please measure your dog to make sure your Airlift will not be too small. 

If your dog is a German Shepherd or Greyhound (or similar) that is longer than normal for its weight, we also recommend that you buy the larger size.

How-To Videos

Watch this short video to learn how to properly measure your dog and use the Fido Pro Airlift. 

This short video explains the high-quality, patent-pending design, materials and features of the Airlift.

Step-by-Step Airlift Instructions PDF

Airlift by Fido Pro Features & Benefits PDF

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