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The Airlift XL-2 Person Assisted Carry includes accessories to convert the extra-large size Airlift into a two-person, assisted carry system. 

This Airlift system is designed for dogs between 70 - 150 lbs., and the package comes with attachable shoulder padding and two straps that allow a second person to support the person carrying the dog. 

The Airlift XL-2 PAC stuff sack weighs a total of 10 oz. including the Airlift and accessories. 

With this system, the second person can use the straps to:

  • Assist in lifting and loading the dog onto the primary carrier's back
  • Help the primary carrier with balance by pulling the person and dog up steep hills and braking for them on downhills
  • Support some of the dog's weight on flatter terrain 

The Airlift XL-2 Person Assisted Carry includes:

1. Size XL Airlift with multiple anchor points to attach the second person, daisy-chain straps

2. Two 6-foot daisy-chain straps

3. Two snap-link carabiners

4. One set (2) feather-weight shoulder padding

5. Laminated instruction card

*The Airlift size XL can be purchased individually and comes with the modifications to add the 2-person options later if you so choose.

How To Use:

Step-by-Step Airlift XL-2 Instructions PDF

Airlift by Fido Pro Features & Benefits PDF

The attachable daisy-chain straps have multiple hand-loops for easy adjustment and can be used by the second person behind the primary carrier of the dog or in front. 

Lifting onto the primary carrier's back – The second person can assist in lifting the dog onto the primary carrier's back. To do this, find the metal o-rings along the front side of the Airlift, clip the carabiner to the o-ring located in the middle of the Airlift, then thread the other end of the daisy-chain strap through the other o-rings that act as guides to prevent the straps from moving around and potentially harming the dog. 

Assisting up/down steep terrain – You can help to pull the person and dog up steep hills and brake for them on the downhill by attaching the daisy-chain straps to the sewn loops on the Airlift shoulder straps (front facing and rear facing).

Supporting on flatter terrain – On flatter terrain the second person can also assist by utilizing the o-rings that run under the dogs chest and midsection.

This system is easy to use and laminated instructions are included in the Airlift XL-2 package.

Please Note:

The Airlift XL-2 is not a system that provides 50%-50% weight distribution between two people carrying a dog, rather it enables a second person to assist in carrying the dog.

***The Airlift XL-2 can support a stagnant load in excess of 200 lbs, the limitation is on the individual strength and fitness of the person carrying the dog. Please be sure you can handle this type of lifting and exertion prior to attempting to carry your heavy dog. Fido Pro Corp is not responsible for any injury sustained to dog or human while using any of its products