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Tag Leash - Dog Rope Leash


The "Tag Leash" (named after a short tag-line used in mountaineering) is a super durable all-round rope leash for hitting the trails or tethering Fido to a post at the brewpub. We've all been there; you're in an area where you need control over your dog, but in order to tether it to a post you have to take the dog off the leash while you thread the dogs end through the leash handle in order to secure them to a post. Problem solved! We include a wired gate carabiner on the leash handle. Simply wrap the handle end of the leash around the post and clip the carabiner to the rope. 

-Super durable rope and sheath 

-Locking carabiner that attaches to the dog, to keep them from breaking free

-Super comfy and plush handle

-Wired gate carabiner to assist in tethering the dog, or clip to your waste belt for a hands-   free experience

-Six feet in length

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