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About Fido Pro

Our mission is to provide high-quality protective and rescue gear for outdoorsy dog lovers to be safe on the trails with their canine best friends. 

Created by a dog lover for dog lovers, the Airlift was designed only after our founder, Paul Hoskinson, and his dog, Remi, experienced their own traumatic, close call in the backcountry in Colorado. 

We're dedicated to serving dog lovers with highly functional and easy-to-use products that are made in the USA by our small team.

Our Story

We were miles from the trailhead when I looked down at my dog’s leg… the worst had happened.

Remi, my 65 lb. canine best friend, had a gash on her front leg and she was unable to walk... 

She had accidentally been clipped by the edge of my ski while we were in the backcountry near Aspen.

I quickly whipped out my first aid kit and was able to stop the bleeding, but the big question now was…


Fortunately, I had friends who divided up the gear I had in my daypack and we squeezed Remi into it.

She barely fit, and we made our way down. 

We got Remi to the vet immediately and she made a full recovery.

But, I couldn’t help but ruminate on how the situation could’ve been worse…

What if Remi didn’t fit in the backpack? Or her injury was on a hind leg and I couldn't fit her in the backpack without injuring her further? What if I was alone and couldn’t carry her?

After doing some research, I discovered that all too often dog parents are forced to do the worst imaginable when their dog is unable to make it to the trailhead...

They have to leave the dog behind and go for help. 


So that other dog owners wouldn't have to go through what I did (or worse!). 

The Airlift is a lightweight packable harness to carry your dog to safety in an emergency situation.

There will never be a question on how I’ll rescue Remi if she’s ever injured or sick on a trail again…

And, now we’ve helped THOUSANDS of other dog parents have that same peace of mind. 

The love and devotion provided to us by our dogs is what motivates and inspires us at Fido Pro.

We feel a deep responsibility to take every measure possible to look after our Fido, our FAITHFUL.